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3 Reasons You Have a Double Chin (Kybella is the treatment!)

November 7, 2018 in Kybella

Imagine waking up to see a double chin in the mirror every day after you wake up. While it is a sure-shot sign of weight gain, obesity, or there can be many other underlying reasons for the condition. Let’s quickly take a look at some of the reasons why you may have an additional layer of fat around your neck, which sags.

  1. Thyroid Problems

    – Thyroid issues are one of the main reasons why you may suddenly see a rise in the fat deposit around the chin area. Hypothyroidism, for instance, leads to weight gain and hence, can be a prominent indicator of your changed look! Therefore, by targeting thyroid disease in its initial stages, you may be able to control double chin to a major extent!

  2. Diet, Weight Gain and Genetics

    – Do you often find your diet going haywire? Do you eat often and without any control? Does your diet tilt more towards high-calorie, packed, processed food? All of these can lead to unhealthy fat deposits such as in the chin and neck area. Sometimes, your family history of being prone to developing a double chin can also come to play.

  3. Poor Posture

    – Believe it or not, but when you have a poor posture, it can also weaken the muscles of your neck and chin, leading to accumulated fat in that area because the skin loses its elasticity. This is the reason why there are specific exercises, which are prescribed by health practitioners to prevent it in the first place.

Now that you know the reasons for having a double chin, what is the ideal solution that can help you eliminate it? What is the method that offers a quick result an helps you get your face in shape without any hassle? The answer lies in a procedure known as Kybella.

Kybella – The Best Treatment That Helps Get You Rid of a Double Chin

Yes, you can get rid of the unsightly double chin by opting for Kybella. It is a prescription medicine, which is safe and effective for treating it. Since this treatment should ideally be administered by a well-trained healthcare specialist, you need to take your pick very carefully.

A reputable clinic such as Agave Laser is one of the best choices, when you need to receive the treatment that lasts for about 10-20 minutes. There are several numbers of injections involved in each sitting, which depends on the candidature and the amount of fat under the chin. Our expert practitioner for Kybella Treatment San Antonio will help you determine the exact sessions requirement, with the gaps between session around 1 month.

So, these are some of the different factors and why Kybella is the apt procedure to get rid of it. Want to discuss about the option further? We at Agave Laser Clinic are always eager to help you out with our expertise in this niche. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at the earliest!