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6 Tips for Curing Melasma From the Inside Out

June 26, 2018 in Skin Rejuvenation

Are you suffering from melasma? Have you tried treating it and haven’t had any luck? If you fall into either of those categories, then treating melasma from the inside out might be the perfect solution for you! Melasma is a skin disorder and is actually the most common skin pigment disorder. Melasma results from hyperpigmentation that causes light to dark brown patches to show up on the skin. This skin discoloration typically shows up on the face. It is commonly seen around the nose, forehead, chin, cheeks and upper lip.

Melasma can affect anyone, despite their age. Melasma usually affects women due to it being caused by a hormone imbalance. Melasma is also caused by sun exposure that triggers the melanin-producing cell melanocytes. Several other factors contribute to the cause of melasma such as – genes, health conditions, and certain medications.

Over time it has been discovered that one of the best ways to treat melasma on the face is the treat it from the inside out. This means to treat melasma internally through balancing your hormones. The melanocytes cells that produce the dark pigmentation in the face are triggered whenever there is an abnormal hormone level. This typically happens in women before or after pregnancy. Other factors can lead to a hormonal imbalance other than pregnancy, such as – stress, thyroid disorder, adrenal gland fatigue, Lyme disease, poor liver health, and high copper levels.

The best way to cure melasma from the inside out is the focus on your daily diet. People tend to forget the power that eating the correct foods can have on your body. A healthy diet indeed is the best medicine. In order to cure melasma from the inside, you should focus on eating foods like these –

  1. Foods that improve liver health. A few of the best foods for improving liver function include:

–    Water

–    Cabbage

–    Avocados

–    Green Tea

–    Garlic

–    Tomatoes

–    Spinach

–    Lemons

–    Walnuts

  1. Foods that reduce stress. A few of the best foods to reduce stress include:

–    Spinach

–    Turkey

–    Berries

–    Chamomile Tea

–    Oysters

  1. Foods that improve thyroid function. There are foods that can improve the effectiveness of your thyroid gland, but keep in mind that just eating the right foods might not completely fix the problem. A few of the best foods for improving your thyroid function include:

–    Fish

–    Nuts

–    Seaweed

–    Dairy

  1. Foods that help adrenal fatigue. A few of the best foods to help your adrenal gland include:

–    Avocados

–    Liver

–    Pumpkin seeds

–    Sea salt

–    Sardines

–    Fatty fish (ex: salmon)

–    Nuts (ex: walnuts)

–    Seaweed

  1. Foods that help Lyme disease. A few of the best nutritional foods to eat for Lyme disease include:

–    Leafy greens

–    Wild salmon

  1. Foods that reduce copper levels. A few of the most effective foods to add to your diet to reduce your copper levels include:

–    Foods high in zinc

–    Copper antagonists

If you have been suffering from melasma, it might be time to start considering what is going on internally. After you start focusing on what’s going on inside you should begin to see your melasma fade. The best way to start is to watch what you eat on a daily basis. The choice to change your diet is an excellent way to sure melasma naturally from the inside. For more information on melasma treatment in San Antonio contact Agave Laser and Aesthetic Clinic! Give us a call at (210) 595-3500 or visit our website today!