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Everything You Need to Know About TruSculpting

December 25, 2017 in TruSculpting 3D

Reducing fat and shaping those areas of the body that didn’t quite get sculpted naturally with proper diet and exercise has become a focus for the millions of Americans who get plastic surgery. People have to diet and exercise harder as they age than when they were in their teens or twenties because of the impact that aging has on the body. Aging makes it harder to lose fat because the fat cells that replace muscle mass burn fewer calories than muscles. So, replacing muscle mass with fat cells results in a slower metabolism.

Many individuals turn to plastic surgery to address these issues and get the look they desire. In fact, plastic surgeons performed a total of 1.8 million procedures in the United States in 2016. Moreover, liposuction — a body contouring surgical procedure — has seen a 6 percent increase in cases from 2015 to 2016. But plastic surgery procedures are invasive, so they can come with complications. As an alternative to plastic surgery, non-invasive surgery is available, including TruSculpting with TruSculpt 3D. This FDA-approved radiofrequency assisted lipolysis easily targets fat cells and melts them away to help people get the appearance they desire. Here are a few factors to consider before TruSculpting the body.

The Advantages of TruSculpting

TruSculpt offers a variety of benefits for patients who want to avoid invasive procedures, such as liposuction, to get rid of fat and contour the body. One significant advantage that TruSculpting has over invasive surgeries is that TruSculpting doesn’t require an incision. Patients also must consider the various complications that come with surgery. For example, liposuction can pose a variety of safety concerns and risks to patients, including bruising, infection, chronic swelling, anesthesia risks and heat injury. Moreover, invasive surgery can require long recovery times; for example, it can take months just for the swelling to disappear. It can also take a full day to perform the operation. However, those who receive body sculpting treatment with the TruSculpt 3D device can reduce their fat without downtime or expose themselves to the risks associated with invasive surgery.

TruSculpting the body can also be an option for other non-invasive body shaping procedures, such as SculpSure, SculptAway, and CoolSculpting. While these body-contouring options don’t require incisions, results from these procedures may take longer to appear than the results from a TruSculpting procedure. For example, patients may see results from CoolSculpting within 2–4 months, while the first results of TruSculpting can be seen in as little as three weeks, with most patients seeing results within 6–8 weeks on average.

The non-surgical fat loss laser SculpSure is not ideal for getting rid of fat cells along curve lines since the tool is flat. On the other hand, TruSculpting provides better results, as the device is easy to maneuver around curves. However, TruSculpting is better for targeting smaller areas than liposuction or other body contouring surgical procedures. Also, body shaping with TruSculpt 3D is safe for use on all skin types.

How TruSculpting Works

TruSculpting works by harnessing energy from radio frequencies to produce heat and burn fat cells by targeting water located within the cells. This nonsurgical fat loss laser permanently eliminates fat cells. Thus, the results patients get from TruSculpting procedures are long-lasting. Moreover, the procedure feels similar to a hot stone massage and is typically painless. The procedure can also target as much as four problem areas in one session.

What to Expect During a TruSculpting Procedure

Before undergoing a TruSculpt procedure, it’s important to speak to a doctor who is experienced and skilled in using TruSculpt 3D. During the first consultation, patients can expect to be evaluated to determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure. Because TruSculpting works best for targeting small areas, the best candidates for this nonsurgical procedure have a body mass index (BMI) lower than 30, with the optimal BMI ranging from 18.5 to 24.9.

During the TruSculpting consultation, patients can also discuss customized body shaping preferences to achieve their desired look. Additionally, it is important for patients to stay hydrated because this body sculpting device targets water in the fat cells. Sessions typically take one hour, and patients often can expect results after just one session. It can take up to three months for full results to be seen, and patients can expect up to 24 percent reduction of fat thickness.

TruSculpting: An Effective Alternative Body Contouring Procedure

Reducing fat without the hassle of surgery is achievable when using the right body contouring technology, such as TruSculpt 3D. San Antonio, Texas, is home to some of the best medical professionals offering body contouring services, including Agave Laser & Aesthetic Clinic.

Agave Laser & Aesthetic Clinic offers a variety of fat-eliminating treatments that help patients achieve their preferred look, including body contouring with TruSculpt 3D. This San Antonio-based clinic also offers skin revitalization and skin rejuvenation services, acne scar treatment, wrinkle treatment, laser hair removal, tattoo removal and treatment for age spots using the latest technology, including PicoSure. Contact Agave Laser & Aesthetic Clinic today to schedule an appointment for body-contouring services.