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Top 5 Benefits of BOTOX

February 6, 2018 in Botox

BOTOX has long been one of the most popular types of cosmetic treatments available. But in recent years, it’s risen in popularity even more, especially among younger patients. A treatment that was once used mainly by older adults who wanted to eliminate wrinkles, it’s now used by millennials to prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place. One of the reasons it’s so popular is that there are several ways it can improve each patient’s appearance, as it can smooth out wrinkles in a few key areas of the face. Anyone considering using BOTOX to look more youthful and attractive will be interested in the following benefits of this nonsurgical treatment.

  1. Eliminating Eyebrow Creases

    The main reason people get BOTOX is to get rid of or prevent the wrinkles that appear as they age, with the creases between the eyebrows being among the top concerns. After all, those creases can make someone look angry even when they’re not.

    Fortunately, BOTOX can solve this issue, as it relaxes the muscles and reduces the amount of movement between the eyebrows. The result is that the creases no longer appear, which can transform the whole face into a nicer expression that looks calmer and more inviting, not angry.

  2. Treating Drooping Brows

    Even if someone doesn’t have creases between the eyebrows, the eyebrow area could still be affected by the aging process. That’s because some people develop brow ptosis, in which the brow begins to droop. This leads them to look tired or unhappy, even when they’re feeling happy and energized. Clearly, like the eyebrow creases, drooping brows can affect someone’s overall appearance, making people think they’re upset when they’re not. In extreme cases, drooping brows can obstruct vision, making it hard to see well enough to drive safely or go about life in general.

    One of the most effective treatments for brow ptosis is BOTOX. Injections of this substance can relax the brow muscles and keep them from drooping over the eyes. People who get BOTOX for brow ptosis tend to look more approachable and awake than before, and of course, they’re less likely to have their vision obstructed by their sagging eyebrows.

  3. Getting Rid of Crow’s Feet

    Crow’s feet are the tiny wrinkles many adults get on the outer corners of their eyes. They show up most when people laugh, so it’s hard to hide crow’s feet while still enjoying life. For adults who want to keep smiling and laughing without worrying about looking older than they’d like, BOTOX might be the right treatment.

    When this substance is injected into the tiny wrinkles around the eyes, the muscles start to relax so that the area looks smoother. This allows people to look younger within days as the treatment takes effect.

  4. Smoothing Out Forehead Wrinkles

    It’s typical for adults to notice wrinkles and fine lines in different areas of the face as they get older. Forehead wrinkles are especially common. These can make people look older than they want to appear, and yet they’re hard to avoid since they’re a natural part of the aging process.

    That’s why it’s good to know that BOTOX is approved to treat forehead wrinkles. A few injections into this part of the face can quickly smooth out the skin, creating a more youthful look in a short amount of time.

  5. Changing the Jawline

    BOTOX can do more than smooth out the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It can change the whole look of the jawline. Some people have a jaw that’s too square shaped or large for their liking, and they’d prefer to get a slimmer, softer jawline. After all, slimmer jaw lines tend to look more elegant and feminine according to our society, which is why many celebrities have recently opted to use BOTOX to contour this part of their face.

    BOTOX works by stopping the muscles in the jaw area from contracting. This can cause the jaw to become slimmer over time since muscles that don’t get used much eventually get thinner. Essentially, BOTOX can help weaken the muscles, which can make a big difference in a jaw that looks too large or boxy. The fact that simple BOTOX injections can make such a big improvement comes as a relief to people who want to change the shape of their jawline without having to get surgery.

Why Get BOTOX?

Clearly, there are several reasons people get BOTOX, as it can smooth out several facial areas. But no matter which part of the face people use BOTOX for, they mostly appreciate the ease of the treatment. Unlike cosmetic surgery, there are no incisions or stitches, which also means there’s no recovery period. The treatment takes minutes, and it’s possible to see the results within days, so it’s a good option for people who want almost immediate improvement of their appearance. And because there are no incisions involved in this treatment, the side effects and risks are minimal compared to most cosmetic surgery options.

If you’d like to learn more about BOTOX or find out if this treatment is right for you, please contact Agave Laser & Aesthetic Clinic today to schedule an appointment.