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Effective Botox Treatment in San Antonio

Effective Botox Treatment in San Antonio

Botox in San Antonio


Botox blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can no longer contract, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften. It is most often used on forehead lines, crow’s feet (lines around the eye) and frown lines.


How Does Botox Work?

Botox works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. When the muscle is injected it becomes temporarily paralyzed. Once the muscle is paralyzed, it can no longer contract, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften.


Is Botox right for me?

Botox can have beneficial effects for many people and has been supported by many doctors, but when deciding if Botox is right for you, we recommend asking yourself these questions –

  1. Are your expectations realistic?
    First you should figure out what it is you are trying to achieve from Botox and then decide whether your expectations are both realistic and achievable.
  2. How could this procedure impact your life?
    Most of these questions focus on preparing you for the negative possibilities of Botox, but for this question think of how Botox can positively affect your life. Consider how gaining a more youthful appearance would affect your confidence and how you feel about yourself.
  3. Is this procedure worth the potential risks?
    Before making your decision about Botox, you should make sure you are fully informed with the potential risks that come about Botox. Keep in mind that nearly all the risks are superficial and happen only around the injection site.
  4. Will you be able to handle the maintenance of Botox injections?
    Botox injections in San Antonio TX are not permanent; if you want to maintain your desired results you will have to be able to get new injections every few months.


How long does the Botox treatment take?

Getting Botox in San Antonio, TX only takes a couple of minutes and does not require any anesthesia. It usually takes 3 to 7 days to take full effect. The area where you received the injection can sometimes swell; if that happens, it will usually take a few days for the swelling to go down.


Benefits and Side Effects of Botox Injection

Benefits –

  • Stop excessive sweating
  • Reduce migraine pain

Side Effects –

  • Muscle weakness near where the medicine was injected.
  • Bruising, bleeding, pain, redness, or swelling where the injection was given.
  • Headache and neck or back pain.
  • Fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, and any fly symptoms.
  • Dizziness, drowsiness, tired feeling.


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