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Skin Rejuvenation

Cold Dry Skin? Here are Tips on Skin Rejuvenation!

December 29, 2018 in Skin Rejuvenation

Winter can be tough on your skin. During the last few frigid months of the year that typically seem to last longer than most months, your skin begins to suffer from dryness, flakiness, and dullness. Since winter can be such a strenuous time for your skin, we’ve developed three ways to help rejuvenate your cold, dry skin!


Add oil to your daily skincare routine.

Natural oils such as coconut oil and argan oil are the perfect secret weapon, not only for dry skin, but for your hair as well. If you have sensitive skin or you’re prone to breakouts, we suggest using argan oil because it is a noncomedogenic oil. You can either apply the oil straight onto your skin, or you can mix it with your usual body or face moisturizer. The addition of a natural oil to your skin care routine will give your skin that extra hydration it needs.


Apply a moisturizing mask right before bed to hydrate your skin overnight.

Masks are a great tool to use on your skin. By putting one on before bed you can improve your complexation, since your skin is naturally working at night to regenerate and exfoliate itself. If you really want to intensify your hydration, add a hyaluronic acid under a hydrogel mask.


Take an oatmeal bath to help with itchy, dry skin

One very annoying side effect of dehydrated skin is itchiness. Oatmeal is great for calming inflammation and soothing itchy winter skin. Don’t worry, you don’t need anything but raw, unflavored oatmeal for this bath (no, don’t use a breakfast cereal). All you have to do is grind up the oatmeal in a blender to the texture of fine powder and add it to a warm bath. You can also add your favorite essential oils to the tub to make it extra relaxing.

Don’t let winter destroy your skin. By incorporating these three tips into your skin care routine, you can reduce and even eliminate the effects of winter on your skin. If you’re looking for professional help to improve your skin, then Agave Laser & Aesthetic Clinic’s skin rejuvenation clinic is the place for you! visit Agave Laser and Aesthetic Clinic in San Antonio. Or, contact us at 210-595-3500, send us an email or book an appointment online!.