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Do Skin Tightening Wraps Really Work?

July 6, 2018 in Pelleve Skin Tightening

Skin tightening wraps are intended to tone up loose skin while burning body fat. The real question is, do they work? The wraps start by dehydrating the skin because wherever you put it, it will cause you to sweat. After the use of a skin tightening wrap the results may be dramatic, but it is different for everyone. The downside, results are not permanent, that is why the wraps are intended to be used for bloating or to fit into an outfit for a special occasion. There are many DIY skin tightening wraps that you can make at home, or another option would be to purchase some online. There are many different formulas for DIY wraps that consist of different lotions and exfoliants that can help hydrate the skin. Online wraps are helpful if you want to reuse them and complete a variety of tasks while wearing them. The most natural part of the body to place the wrap is on the abdominal area. However, it is possible to place them on other parts of the body. Depending on the formula and technique you use for a wrap, the results can be the following:

  1. Reduced cellulite
  2. Lose in inches
  3. Detox
  4. Tightened skin
  5. Hydration for the skin.

If you are looking for long lasting and effective results for skin tightening, there are other forms of treatment! Overall, to answer the question as to if skin tightening wraps work, they can, but the results will last for only so long. Everyone’s bodies are different, leading to varied results.

At Agave, there is a form of treatment called the Pelleve Skin Tightening Treatment in San Antonio. What this treatment does is it uses a PelleveS5 RF System. This system uses head to toe radio frequencies that help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and body cellulite. What makes this system different from the skin tightening wraps is the use of radiofrequency that stimulates the production of new collagen. How this works is it heats deep layers of the skin which then causes the stimulation. The procedure is easy, quick, and safe! The results and benefits are the following:

  1. Reduced signs of aging (wrinkles and fine lines)
  2. Long lasting results
  3. A safe treatment

If you want more information on the Pelleve Skin Tightening Treatment or want to schedule an appointment, you can contact Agave by phone or email!