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Ideal Protein

Mushroom and Parmesan Couscous Risotto

Ready to eat in just minutes, the Mushroom and Parmesan Couscous Risotto contains proteins and fibers, making it a delicious

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Vegetable Chili Mix

Nothing is more satisfying than Ideal Protein’s version of this American classic loaded with beans, vegetables and savory spices. Made

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Chocolatey Soy Puffs

A definite favorite among Ideal Protein’s dieters, you’ll be amazed to find that this sweet and sinful treat is an

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Vanilla Crispy Square

Ideal Protein’s Vanilla Crispy Square is one of the tastiest and most popular products in the Ideal Protein lineup. With

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Mango Drink

Enjoy the refreshing tropical taste of Ideal Protein’s sweet and creamy mango drink. A smooth and convenient snack for when

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Toffee and Pretzel Bar

Sweet, salty, and delightfully crunchy, Ideal Protein’s Toffee and Pretzel Meal Replacement bar is exactly as it should be. A

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