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Is Laser Hair Removal for Everyone?

Getting a laser hair removal treatment might by intimidating for someone that has never had it done before. There are a ton of benefits to getting a treatment, like saving time and reducing the amount of money spent on shaving cream, razors, and waxing products- and a decrease in water usage! Even with these benefits, some hesitate, concerned that laser hair removal might not work on their skin types. This is a common hesitation among those with light hair. Agave has broken down popular skin types, so you can see if Laser Hair removal is right for you!

Light Hair/Light Skin- Laser hair removal works by exposing the hair follicles to a light that bleaches and burns the hair. During the procedure the light is attracted to darker hair and color- meaning lighter hair is often missed. Those with blonde or lighter hair and light skin, might not reap the same benefits as someone with darker hair may, though it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It could involve more treatments to see remarkable results.

Dark Hair/Light Skin- Laser hair removal treatment will work the best on someone that is of fair complexion with dark hair. Since the device is attracted to the dark pigment in the hair, the laser will not be attracted to the skin. Those with hair significantly darker than their skin tone will see a significant benefit in laser hair removal treatments, especially after a couple of treatments.

Dark Hair/Dark Skin- Those that have dark hair and dark skin can benefit from laser hair removal treatments. If the hair is darker than that of the skin, the laser will be drawn to the darker pigment. The rate at which you see a delay in hair growth might seemed delayed- but permanent results will be seen after a few sessions.

Light Hair/ Dark Skin- The only skin type that would not see a benefit in laser hair removal is a patient that has hair significantly lighter than their skin tones. Since the laser is attracted to darker pigments, using laser hair removal could result in a discoloration of the skin. This could also apply to areas with a tattoo- make sure you skip removal treatment in this area if you have an area on your skin darker than the hair.

The benefits of laser hair removal will vary between different people, clients, and skin types. It is best to consult your doctor or ask the technicians before signing up for a treatment. If you are interested in learning more about Laser Hair Removal treatments in the San Antonio area, contact the Agave Laser Clinic. We specialize in wellness procedures that benefit the body and skin of our patients. We would be delighted to discuss more about whether Laser Hair removal is right for you.