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Melasma Treatment San Antonio

5 Treatments to Help Improve Skin Affected by Melasma


With the extreme heat that we experience in San Antonio, Melasma is an increasingly common skin condition, particularly in darker skin types. It is caused by exposure to sunlight or extreme heat and causes hyperpigmentation of the skin. While there aren’t any painful side effects of Melasma, the skin discoloration can cause harm to the self-esteem and confidence for those that are affected. Effects can be improved and even disappear over time with specific treatments regimens. Here are 5 treatments that will help in improving Melasma condition.


  1. Prevent Sun Exposure. Wearing sunglasses, hats, and sun screen when you go out is important to prevent Melasma from getting worse. Make sure the sunscreen you are using contains an SPF of at least 30, as this will help in preventing further sun damage as well. While doing this, you should also limit the amount of time that is spent in the sun or heat to prevent the condition from getting worse.
  2. Topical Treatments. One of the most effective ways to get rid of skin discoloration is to use lotions and topical medications. These over the counter medications and treatments are loaded with vitamins and minerals that will help skin pigmentation return to normal. Lytera is an excellent product that can be used in reducing the hyperpigmentation of the skin and preventing its reoccurrence.
  3. Chemical Peels. A treatment that is extremely effective in reducing the discoloration caused by Melasma is a chemical peel. Chemical peels can be adjusted to cater to the client and the amount of discoloration that is occurring. Many of the peels that treat Melasma will contain glycolic acid, which helps in balancing the pigmentation of the skin.
  4. The pigmentation of the skin can be improved with multiple microdermabrasion sessions as well. Microdermabrasion is a treatment where the face is sprayed with exfoliant crystals that will help to remove dead skin that has been affected by Melasma.
  5. PicoSure and Laser Treatments. Laser treatments, like PicoSure, can also be used in fighting Melasma. Lasers apply gentle pressure to the skin that squeeze the cells and aid in the creation of collagen. This will help to lift the skin and produce new skin cells and reduce the discoloration.


If you live in the San Antonio area, are suffering from Melasma, and have more questions about treatments call us at Agave Laser Clinic. We specialize in creating treatments that will help fight skin pigmentation and aid in skin rejuvenation. Our specialist can help with recommended treatments like chemical peels, PicoSure and other products that will help fight Melasma.