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Picosure Skin Revitalization San Antonio

Picosure Skin Revitalization in San Antonio


Why Choose the PicoSure Laser for Skin Revitalization?

PicoSure is the perfect treatment for people who don’t have time for recovery time, and want great results with no pain, discomfort or downtime. With Picosure you can easily achieve a youthful appearance of your skin.


How does Picosure Skin Revitalization work?

PicoSure uses a wavelength of light (755nm) and a specialized lens that coverts laser energy into a gentle pressure. That pressure squeezes cells, which activates the natural cell signaling a process that creates new collagen and elastin without burning or damaging the skin.



Am I a good candidate for Picosure Skin Revitalization procedure?

Since PicoSure is a gentle procedure it is a more widely available option for patients. PicoSure is great for anyone who is unsatisfied with their fine lines, wrinkles or dark spots around their eyes or mouth or any other area of their body. In most cases, PicoSure is a good option for nearly all candidates.


How effective is the PicoSure laser on wrinkles?

After just one PicoSure treatment you can expect to see results in improving wrinkles. Since every client’s skin is different, some wrinkles respond better than others. Generally, most clients are very pleased with PicoSure treatments and begin to see noticeable results after just one treatment.


Is Picosure Skin Revitalization procedure safe?

Since PicoSure is a noninvasive treatment with no downtime requires it is considered safe. There are little to no risks, which makes it a safe procedure for clients.


How long does it last?

Usually, it takes around 2-3 treatments for clients to see the results they desired. In some cases, it only takes one treatment for patients to get the best results. PicoSure gives patients long-lasting results.


Why choose agave laser for Picosure Skin Revitalization treatment?

Agave Laser and Aesthetic Clinic is the best option for patients who want long-lasting results in improving the appearance of patient’s skin with no downtime and little to no risks. Our doctors strive to provide patients with the best one on one care. Agave can insure that patients will be more than pleased with their results.


Skin Revitalization Before and After Results

Picosure Skin Revitalization - Before & After Photos

Picosure Skin Revitalization - Before & After Photos


Agave Laser & Aesthetic Clinic offers Picosure Skin Revitalization Treatment in San Antonio. Contact us to schedule an appointment or call on (210)-595-3500 for more information.


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