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Reasons to begin TruSculpt 3D

February 13, 2018 in TruSculpting 3D

Everyone has those pesky problem areas on their body that dieting and having a active lifestyle won’t get rid of. TruSclupt 3D at Agave Laser & Aesthetic Clinic in San Antonio is a non-invasive, surgery free way to get rid of those frustrating body fat areas. TruSculpt not only will improve the appearance of the area but will also reduce the thickness of the fat layer but 24 percent, giving you the confidence to feel and look your best!
Here are some reasons why you should begin truSculpt 3D today –

  1. Non-Invasive Treatment

    The biggest convenience and reason to begin truSculpt 3D is it’s non-invasive and surgery-free procedure. The full treatment usually takes about as long as it takes you to get your hair done! Since it is non-invasive there are no side effects which means you can go right back to your busy life with no need for any downtime after the procedure.

  2. Circumference Reduction

    The technology behind truSculpt 3D targets those fat pockets and destroying them by producing therapeutic levels of heat. Destroying the fat cells not only reduces the thickness of the layer of fat but since the deeper layers of skin are also heated they tighten and eliminate sagging. Circumference reduction is just one of the many benefits truSculpt 3D does for the body.

  3. Body Shaping

    We all know how hard getting rid of problem areas with skin products and exercise can be extremely difficult and, in some cases, not possible. When you lose weight through exercising and dieting no fat cells are actually being lost, only the fat content within them is being lost. TruSculpt 3d targets the fat cells and destroys them giving you the opportunity to acquire the shape you desire in a short amount of time.

  4. Contouring

    People spend a lot of time and money on make-up trying to perfect their jawlines and cheekbones of their faces. TruSculpt 3D can not only contour your body but also your face, making you look thinner. After only one treatment most people begin to see more enhanced definition on their face and body. TruSculpt 3D will give you tighter skin all around your face, neck or body.