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Simple Treatments for Melasma You Need to Know

August 7, 2018 in Laser Treatments

Loving yourself in your skin can result in having supreme confidence. While unnecessary occurring spots and blemishes from Melasma can be annoying. You don’t always have the time to cover them up using a concealer or a foundation. Melasma can be something that pops up just before an important meeting, a special date, or a family function.

Melasma, though it is popularly called as the “mask of pregnancy,” can occur anytime to anyone. The blotches of the brown tan or the bluish grey pigmentation are nothing but Melasma. It appears particularly around the forehead, temple, bridge of the nose, and the upper lip. Simple things like exposure to the sun and taking birth control pills can kick-start this and can lead to color discoloration.

Thankfully, Melasma treatment in San Antonio and elsewhere can be treated! Minimize the unwanted patches on your skin, and rock that perfectly beautiful skin of yours. Agave Laser Clinic offers you different simple solutions for eliminating the Melasma, just in time for your big event!
Here are a few Melasma treatments, you could take advantage of:

1. Laser Treatment
The safest and the most effective option against Melasma is using a laser. The laser pokes tiny holes in the skin and replaces the dead skin cells. The top layer of the skin is stripped away, leaving you with patchless skin.
However, the laser treatment should only be administered by a credential professional. Otherwise, the laser treatment could be performed poorly, worsening the situation. Make sure that you are choosing the right professional to do the sensitive job.
2. Chemical Peel
You might have heard of a peel for removing blackheads and acne. But a peel isn’t just for pimples, it’s for melasma too! Melasma can be treated with using glycolic acid or any similar chemical abrasive. The top layer or the Melasma affected layer of the skin gets peeled off with the mask.
The patient can face a mild chemical burn or discomfort, however, if no pain, then no gain! Once the procedure is done, your skin shrugs off the patches and shines brilliantly!
3. Hormone Replacement Therapy
The primary cause of Melasma on your skin might be the drastic change in the level of your hormones. It can happen to anyone. Taking the right dosage of hormone replacement can be the key to your problem.
It is generally suggested to take the hormone replacement at night and be sure that you are indoors while you do so. These measures are done to avoid the extreme heat that can affect the treatment during the daytime. Be sure to consult your doctor before starting the hormone therapy.
4. Sunscreen or Sunblock
UV exposure is the main trigger for Melasma. A particular type of UV ray can also pass through the windows. Hence, everyone inside the house is also at risk. Using a sunblock can easily keep you safe.

Physical blockers such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide offer the most protection. Dermatologists suggest applying sunscreen whenever you are going out, to be on the safe side! Different fragrances are also available in these creams, so the options are endless.

Don’t worry about those small patches and sit back knowing that we are here to help.
Do not let these little blotches ruin your mega-events and that smile. Seek help today, and shine like a star, with that clean, pretty face!

For more details, please feel free to reach out to Agave Laser and Aesthetic Clinic.