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The Life Cycle of a Tattoo

September 21, 2018 in Laser Treatments

Fear of the unknown can sometimes hold us back from doing the things we really want to do. That fear prevents us from things like getting a tattoo- or maybe even getting on removed!! While people say getting a tattoo done hurts, they often say that getting it removed can also be a painful process. So, you’ve overcome your fear to get it done in the first place, but now you are tired of it, want it gone, and are afraid, again, of the removal!

Well, you need not worry about it anymore! We understand your concerns and doubts. Having said that, we present you a guide to ‘the life cycle of a tattoo’. This article will educate you on the cycle of the tattoo, from contemplating what to get, to deciding you want the tattoo to disappear.


  • Step 1 – Choosing a design and the placement

The first step, deciding on the design, is an individualistic decision. For selecting the design, you can find inspiration from online picture sources, symbols and signs, or a design that you find beautiful. Most of the tattoo shops also have pre-drawn pictures from which you can choose. If you want something original, you can also design your own tattoo or take the help of the artist to create a unique image.

Once you are done with choosing the design, deciding the place where you want to get it done is important. This next step involves taking into consideration all the details and meticulous planning. Some designs fit better in certain places whereas some designs might look inappropriate or silly on some body parts. You also need to take into consideration the ‘stretching of the area’, which can be caused by either weight loss or weight gain. Be smart enough, to pick an area where it might hurt less.

  • Step 2 – Getting the tattoo

From minimalist symbols to photo-realistic portraits to words and quotes, tattoos can be a great way to express your personal interests and styles. So, aren’t you already ready to sit in the artist’s chair to get a tattoo done?

Here is the brief about the tattooing process –

Don’t forget to discuss your medical history with your tattoo artist. Ensure that your tattoo artist is aware of any recent chronic conditions and takes precautions accordingly.

Once they are done cleaning and getting the area prepared, they will apply the stencil to it. The artist will follow the stencil while working on your skin to tattoo a clean, mistake-free image. Make sure to hold still while the artist is at work.

All things considered, the process will be over, and you will be all set to rock that new tattoo!


  • Step 3 – Regretting the tattoo

Now that your tattoo is finished and You’ve had it for a couple of years, you start to questions if it was the best choice to begin with. Maybe your tattoo resembled a best friend or a loved one that you’ve distanced yourself from. Perhaps it was a book or show that you loved and having a quote or image permanently on your body seems a little too much. What ever your reasons may be, you are considering removing the tattoo and starting over fresh.


  • Removal of the tattoo

With the advancement of technology tattoo removal is not only becoming more efficient but a lot safer and more affordable. Laser treatment in San Antonio and elsewhere is used to get rid of the tattoo with minimal side-effects. So, now if you want to get rid of that questionable tattoo off yours, think no further!

Lasers remove the tattoos by breaking up the pigment color, by a high-intensity light beam. Tattoo removal will take several treatments. Having said that, with each session, the tattoo will become progressively lighter and eventually fade.

Agave Laser presents you with the safest and most effective solutions of a tattoo removal. With the best at your doorstep, have no worries and go for it!

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